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Hey HI

My name is Kayde. A lot of people think it's pronounced "Kade" but its really just your average "Katie" spelled differently. 

My life is chaotically creative.

I am currently an Associate Editor/Production Assistant for Disney Advertising on the Creative Studios team in New York City. I knew I wanted a career with Disney after doing the Disney College Program Spring of 2017 which was an experience that changed my life.

Bored is not a word that exists in my vocabulary. Outside of working for Disney, I freelance photography and videography (check out some of my work here). I love connecting with future clients who almost always turn into close friends. In my spare time you can find me trailblazing the streets of New York, attending networking events, shooting content for my personal social media, ideating podcast episodes, writing music and finding every and any creative outlet possible. 


I love what I do.

I love creating content.

I love learning and not being restricted to one area of work.

I'm a go getter, a life enthusiast, a never fail to fall up the stairs but walk it off like nothing happened kind of girl.

I'm a little bit

of all things





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