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An introduction

I’ve had the desire to start and yet, with the tools and power right in my hands, for so long, I let it slip right through my fingers.

Today is the end of saying I’ll do it tomorrow.

Today is the start of an adventure that I cannot wait to be on.



My name is Kayde. Spelt probably different than your used to. Most people who meet me for the first time and read my name pronounce it as “kade”

I’ve, for some reason, grown kind of fond of hearing it that way.Lol.

My parents named me after a girl that lived next door at their first home. She was my older sisters best friend at the time, although, I’ve never met her and the relationship faded after my parents relocated to their new home.

Built from the ground up on 10 acres of what once was a potato farm, my parents raised 5 girls, me being the youngest alongside my twin.

7 am wake ups to weed the garden and chasing our neighbors on our golf carts down the dirt roads was the entirety of my childhood. That, and non stop fighting with my sisters and hearing the phrase “your poor dad” anytime someone learned that my parents had 5 girls and no boys.

The dogs were girls, the cat was a girl, hell even the chickens were always girls.

Flash forward to now, after having 3 nieces, my oldest sister finally broke the female chain in our family with the first boy, Asher David.

The cutest little man.

Speaking about “now“ verses “then”, so much has changed in my life since I moved away from the home I grew up in. I spent four years in undergrad at Central Michigan University studying broadcasting and cinematic arts. Although there were some insanely rocky points in those four years, for the most part, I loved every second of it. I remember before leaving for college, my boss at the time had told me to take in every second of college because

"4 years feels like a lifetime but it will go by in the blink of an eye."

Man was he right.

The last semester of my senior year brought about so much anticipation and fear. Fear of leaving my community, campus, and comfortable college life. Fear of not finding a job. Fear of a world without time stamps and finish lines. And then there was the Anticipation. Anticipation as I started receiving job offers. Navigating interviews. Accepting multiple positions and then having to figure out which route to take. I had 3 options in front of me:

1. Move to Ann Arbor Michigan and become the Social Media Coordinator for The University

of Michigan.

2. Move to Florence Italy and become a Brand Ambassador for Bus2Alps.

3. Move to New York and accept an internship with really shitty pay for a start up entertainment company I barely new anything about.

One minute I was bawling my eyes out to my best friend, not knowing what the hell to do, and the next I was on a flight to New York City with my twin sister only five days after graduation with no idea where I was going to live, how to get around in a place like New York, let alone live. I had $500 to my name, two suitcases filled with as much of my life as I could fill and a whole lot of anxiety lol.

BUT, I did it.

I jumped.

I jumped straight into the choice that brought about the most fear.

And damn, was that the best decision I ever made.

I didn’t know then that a shitty paying start up entertainment company would lead me to landing a full time position with Disney in NYC as an editor. I didn’t know that leaving behind my college community would open up the doors to the most incredible and inspiring friends. I didn’t know that not having anywhere to live would lead me to living with a friends aunt who turned out to become one of my most unique and cherished friends and roommates.

I didn’t know that my high school boyfriend would have a layover in New York which would lead us to reconnecting and eventually moving into a beautiful apartment together.

Fear either entirely stops you in its tracks or propels you forward in ways you could’ve never imagined. For SO long, I’ve longed to write. The words sit on the top of my tongue as I adventure not just this city, but this world and life. I know. I know my voice has purpose. My struggle has reason. My chaos has a means to inspiration. Whether it’s the things I encounter everyday and learn from or the battles I face and overcome. I crave to write the story of this adventurous, messy, chaotic and creative life I was blessed with.

SO, with that, I welcome you to “my blog” although, I have a feeling I will be titling this something entirely different someday. Welcome to my personal diary, life adventures, tips, tricks, triumphs and set backs. I hope this page inspires you, teaches you, moves you or simply is a good read.

I’m so glad your here. I’m so glad you care. I’m so excited to take you on this adventure.

Thank you for sticking around until the end.




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